HR Specialists for the Cannabis Industry

Talent Search

We focus on finding the people that are right for your company’s vision and values. Finding the right person is all about alignment of values, attitude and culture.


With the benefit of our industry experience and a network of professionals at our fingertips, we have been able to expertly advise our clients on what human capital your business actually needs to succeed.


Lots of candidates are entering the industry for the first time. We make sure to equip our candidates with knowledge and a relevant network to get them started and help get your business off the ground.

Industry Network

We choose to work with the companies that we want to see succeed. We have developed an ecosystem of companies and people across the industry who work together. The companies we work with benefit from our network across the industry to help them succeed.


Our Expertise Spans Across Three Verticals

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Business Ancillary
CEO, CFO, CSO | Managing Director | Head of Sales | Marketing Managers | Business Development Mangers | Project Manager | Sales Representatives | Executive Assistants | Graphic Designers
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Chief Medical Officer | Medical Director | Clinic Manager | Specialist Physician | Medical Science Liaison | Medical Sales Representatives | Research Analyst
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Plant Touching
Master Growers | Head Growers | GMP/GACP Qualified People | Quality Control Person | Geneticist | Extraction Experts | Chemical Engineers

What people say about us

Blume have been an incredible asset to the development of our firm. Every single one individual introduced to us by them have been a win. I deeply value our relationship with the first HR agency in the EU dedicated to a legal cannabis industry and highly recommend their services.
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Benjamin-alexandre Jeanroy
They have the network, they can provide you with tailored services and most importantly they are knowledgeable. All in all, it's a genuine team with a broad footprint in the industry and for that alone I highly recommend them.
Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 03.19.27
Alex Rached
Working with Blume is a flawless and expedient experience. They are very well connected and put every effort in client satisfaction. People looking to enter the industry are in very good Hands Looking forward to a long term cooperation.
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Benjamin Köhler
10 out of 10!
Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 03.22.17
Hannah Skingle

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